"Valerian Ruminski proves once again that his modus operandi is truly a cut above the rest in Deliberately Constructed Moments, which ranks among my favorite new releases hitting record store shelves this summer. Influenced by isolation but born of the rich vitalities that come with human connection, this is a record that isn’t defined by what it wants to be but what its creator already is, and in a generation of content that standardly has a sense of searching attached to it, an LP like this one is a hot commodity to put it quite mildly. "


John McCall- Too Much Love Magazine 7/3/21


"I will say that I had serious expectations coming into this review, having been very impressed with what I heard in Songs from Inside and the flashy All of Us, and thankfully Impresario doesn’t leave me hanging in any portion of this latest affair. Picking up where Jim Steinman and Meat Loaf left off, Valerian Ruminski is using his Impresario vehicle to do some amazingly melodic work that can’t stay contained within the underground sphere for very long, and although this is an artistry that possibly wouldn’t blossom as well on the mainstream side of the dial without getting too corrupted by external elements, I think it’s serving a purpose far greater than most of his contemporaries will in decades-long careers. "

Garth Thomas- The Hollywood Digest. 7/3/21


"Deliberately Constructed Moments is just what I was looking for in the third installment of Impresario’s pandemic-era trilogy, and even if you haven’t heard the two records that preceded it, I’d still recommend checking it out before the summer season has come to an end. Together, these three albums tell a story that is both personal and harshly commentarial, but as an individual piece, I think this album might be the best of the bunch. I believe Valerian Ruminski is going to score another slew of accolades from across the international underground in the next few months, but if you’re questioning what all of the buzz is about, you probably haven’t been listening to Deliberately Constructed Moments in its complete, gloriously anti-commercialized form. "

Mindy McCall- Indiepulse Magazine 7/3/21


"I’ve been saying to friends that this is one of the most multidimensional players around right now just given his versatility in bouncing between opera singing and rock n’ roll composing, and in Deliberately Constructed Moments, the Impresario brand takes on even greater aesthetical value to me. This is a critically provocative work that requires a couple of dedicated listens to fully appreciate, but much like anything you’re going to find on the finer side of the performance arts spectrum, the effort in seeking this underground offering out is more than worth the reward in what we’re getting in this LP." 

Nicole Killian- Mob York City- 7/3/21


"We cross the finish line in the haunting “If the World Runs Out of Love,” and though the cosmetics of this song would have us believing it to be as beat-driven as the other material here, a closer look will reveal how much of a centerpiece, single-caliber listen it is. In a mission to find world peace or something at least close to such a concept, Valerian Ruminski’s Impresario is giving us a mighty fine soundtrack to enjoy this year, but I’d still encourage audiences to give it a thorough analysis to really appreciate what Deliberately Constructed Moments is meant to express. "

Colin Jordan  7/3/21












Includes the songs: What a Wonderful Day, Dirty Water,

Mr. Lonely Heart, Fake News, If the World Runs Out of Love and more...