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Songs From Inside


Opera singer goes pop as Impresario with 'Songs From Inside' available June 13th on all streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Pandora and iHeart Radio. Written, performed and recorded between March and May 2020 during the Covid-19 quarantine, singer and musician Valerian Ruminski dives into the pop/rock/techno worlds with the wonders of GarageBand allowing him to record solo. A potpourri of themes including pop rock, comedy, christian, political and a rare track you will never hear on a pop record. Influenced by groove based rock from Pink Floyd, Rush, ELO to pop Simply Red and Annie Lennox, fav vocalist Darryl Hall from Hall & Oats to the layered songs of Art of Noise, Trevor Horn and Vangelis. 'Song From Inside' is a culmination of a musician's life from choir boy to pop singer to an international opera career. In quarantine.

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SONGS FROM INSIDE available now on all streaming platforms! 


"Impresario is working with a robust talent and a lot of raw ideas in this disc, but for what it was crafted to accomplish, I think it’s one of the more well-rounded offerings that pop buffs can expect to discover this season. Valerian Ruminski has my attention, and if given the opportunity, I think he can win yours as well."  -Mark Druery-Indieshark Magazine May 2020 

"Impresario delivers something quite captivating in Songs from Inside, and whether you’re a fan of the experimental beat or not I would definitely tell you to give it a listen this July. Despite the plethora of indie gems rising to the surface right now, I think Valerian Ruminski’s performance here stands the chance of reaching a larger audience than some might expect almost purely because of the energy he lends to this material. His passions are no mystery; in this record, he makes it very clear how much value he places on a raw melody, and furthermore, the lengths he’ll go to make it accessible to us. "  Bethany Page- Vents Magazine- May 2020 

"2020 has been an amazing year for alternative music, and while Songs from Inside definitely has the look and feel of an alternative to the mainstream mundane, I wouldn’t be so quick to give it any specific labeling. Impresario’s mastermind, Valerian Ruminski, is on a mission to melt hearts here, and aside from that, his aesthetical ambitions appear to be his lone creative compass. "  Nicole Killian-Mob York City. May 2020 

" Valerian Ruminski isn’t shortchanging us on sonic brilliance in Songs from Inside, which serves as the official debut of his Impresario project. On the contrary, I think this is one artist who is breaking off more than most listeners will know what to do with this summer. Overindulgence isn’t a part of the formula, but if you’re in the mood for something littered with over the top catharsis on all fronts, this is an LP that you really need to get your hands on this month. "  Troy Johnston- Official Fame Magazine May 2020 

"In the new record from Impresario, rightly titled Songs from Inside, melodies and poetic substance intertwine to make a juggernaut of an indie effort worthy of the fans it was conceived to please. Songs from Inside features little – if any – orthodox compositional techniques, but I’d stop short of calling it a left-field stab at contemporary pop prowess. Created by a vocalist in Valerian Ruminski who can croon just about anything and turn it into gold, this project unleashes a hurricane of harmonies you won’t soon forget, and if I were the only critic saying as much this month, it would come as a great surprise indeed. "  Garth Thomas- The Hollywood Digest. May 2020 

"Songs from Inside doesn’t feature any dull moments – once you get into the hook in “Living in My Dreams,” it’s pretty much smooth sailing for Ruminski from there. Recorded solo under less than typical circumstances, this debut LP from Impresario is as eclectic an effort as they come, but in terms of likeability, it’s an album that I find to be a lot more accessible than the average indie offering has been in 2020. " Mindy McCall- Indiepulse Music.  May 2020 

 "Under the Impresario moniker, Valerian Ruminski is bringing the melodic thunder like few others in the American underground are this season, and not just in swinging numbers like this one. Songs from Inside is a profoundly experimental album that spins in more directions than some fans will be able to keep up with, but for those with a taste for the eclectic, it’s a hard record to top this June."  Heather Savage- Razorfish May 2020