Under extended lockdown, Metropolitan Opera Singer Valerian Ruminski as alter ego ‘Impresario’ releases ‘All of Us’, October 31st’. Written, performed and recorded between May-Sept 2020 during the Covid-19 quarantine, Valerian follows up quarantined Pop Music LP #1, 'Songs From Inside' with quarantined Pop Music LP #2 'All of Us'. Streaming on all platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Pandora and iHeart Radio.  

All of Us is exactly how I felt while cooped up during quarantine and thought about everybody in the world experiencing the same pain, the same anxiety, the same restrictions and desperation as everyone else. The virus is universal and so is our humanity. Despite it being a downer it was also sort of inspiring that ALL OF US in the world, maybe for the first time in a very long time, could legitimately sympathize with every other person going through the pandemic.” ...Valerian

THE NEW IMPRESARIO CD releasing JUNE 13th, 2022